Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome Friends!

Today is a cause for celebration! Not because I am finally divorced. I am not!!!  But, because I am so very, very happy to share with you what I, and others, have learned on this difficult journey in the form of a blog.  I can honestly say I am a better person today than I was a year ago. I am more focused and free, courageous and savvy, and (dare I say it?) classy! 

On this journey, I have met some of my closest friends.  I have learned that I AM NOT CRAZY!!   The man I married made me crazy!

In the following blog postings I will address topics such as:
-how to find the best lawyer for you
-how to know if your lawyer is aligned with your interests and working
 hard enough on your behalf 
-what to do if you have not yet pursued divorce but thinking about it
-what kinds of ways will your spouse manipulate you financially before (and after)
 you have filed
-what boundaries can I set and what can I do to enforce them?

Please make comments and add your questions (anonymously if you like) or email me.  If you have any experiences or comments on a particular topic please comment or better yet, consider posting your thoughts on this blog!  I welcome anyone who wants to guest blog. Just email your post to me. Feel free to choose a nom de plume or add your title and business and photo so we can say thank you by supporting your business.

Love to you all,